General Condition of Rental

This is a tranlation of the french conditions of rental, wich is the main release.
The Tenant can not under any circumstances claim any right of maintenance in the places at the expiry of the period initially envisaged on this contract.
The offer of stay is valid 48h00. The reservation will be effective once all the deposit (30% of the price) has been paid. After this period, the offer will be canceled and the corresponding days will be made available for rent.
The balance of the rent is paid on the day of arrival, after the establishment of an inventory contradictory.
During the heating period, the gas consumption is the responsibility of the Tenant on the index reading of the meter (the price of m3 is € 0.80). The tenant will have the opportunity to monitor his consumption and adjust the boiler at his convenience.
Upon arrival, a deposit is required by the Owner. Its amount is 50% of the total cost of the rental. The Owner has the right to cash the security deposit.
It is returned to the Tenant, after the contradictory inventory of exit within a period of 7 to 60 days, deduction made, if necessary, of the cost of restoration of the places and the expenses of replacement of the elements and equipment made available . If the guarantee is insufficient, the Tenant undertakes to perfect the difference, on the basis of supporting documents given by the Owner.
The Tenant uses the rental in a peaceful way and makes good use of it, according to the destination of the premises.
– Upon departure, the Tenant agrees to make the accommodation as clean as it will have found on arrival.
– The rental can not in any case benefit third parties. Any assignment of this lease, any sub-lease total or partial, any provision – even free – are strictly prohibited. The Tenant will not be able to leave the layout of the premises, even free of charge and / or by loan, to a person outside his home.
– The Owner must provide the housing according to the description he has made and keeps it serviceable.
The number of Tenants can not be greater than the capacity indicated on the contract. However, an overrun may be granted by the Owner. In this case, and taking into account the additional costs caused by the change in the number of occupants, a supplement may be calculated in proportion to the number of persons.
The inventory and inventory of furniture and various equipment are made contradictory at the beginning and end of the stay by the Owner and bear the signature of both parties.
Before entering into possession: the deposit remains acquired to the Owner. If the cancellation takes place less than 8 days before the dates of the stay, the Tenant remains liable for the full rent unless the stay can be re-rented at the same conditions and at the same price.
If the Tenant did not show up on the day mentioned on the contract, after 24 hours and without notice to the Owner:
– this contract is considered terminated,
– The deposit remains with the Owner and the Tenant remains liable for the full rent.
– the Owner can dispose of his rent.
c) in case of cancellation of the rental by the Owner: It reimburses the Tenant double the amount of the deposit received.
In case of early termination of stay by the Tenant, not in the case of force majeure, there will be no refund, except the deposit. The case of force majeure is recognized if the Tenant justifies serious reasons making impossible the total progress of the hiring. In this case, the Owner can proceed to the refund of sums already paid, corresponding to the proportion of the duration of occupation not carried out.
The Tenant is obliged to insure the premises entrusted to him or rented. He must therefore check whether his main housing contract provides for resort extension (vacation rental). In the opposite case, it will have to do what is necessary to be covered against the rental risks (fire, water damage) with an insurer.
The Owner may require an insurance certificate or, failing that, a declaration on his honor. The lack of insurance, in case of disaster, will give rise to damages.
If the complaint relates, on the inventory of fixtures or the descriptive state of the hiring, it must then be formulated, in writing, in the seven days which follow the arrival. If it is impossible to reach an amicable settlement of a dispute, the court of domicile of the Owner will be the only competent. This contract and its consequences are subject to French law.



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